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We believe we were one of the first organisations to realise the effect of immigration from Eastern Europe, consequently, the group set up a service for Polish immigrants in Polish which can be viewed at  At first this was a house buying service only but it has expanded into offering wider legal services throughout the UK. 

Realising the difficulties facing the older members of our society the group set up a specialised service called Senior Issues ( 

A sister service for the bereaved has been launched offering specialised legal help in the home to parties after a bereavement – all with Cruse trained legal counsellors. 

Our Positive Forward Planning initiative encourages individuals and families to plan positively for their futures.  All our members are committed to granting a full free consultation. is a specialised internet based service for buyers of new properties in the central belt of Scotland.  

Finally the group spotted a niche market for funding of sports clubs and launched which is now operating throughout the UK.

The Caesar & Howie Group can trace its history back to 1792, as a “sole practitioner” legal firm operating in the town of Bathgate in Scotland  For many decades the firm served the public in that town and it was not until the 1970’s that the firm started to grow and develop.  Innovation has been a notable feature of the firm’s history since the 70’s.  A postal strike caused the partners to start Rutland Exchange – a mail exchange scheme which was developed into a UK wide business by the firm and then sold on – becoming the well known DX system.  Solicitors acting as professional  estate agents,  with proper sales training, shop fronts and marketing activities was piloted by Caesar & Howie in West Lothian and the firm became a founder member of what is now the popular property sales cooperative ESPC.

Steadily the firm expanded its operations over East Central Scotland as the twentieth century drew to a close.  Expansion was achieved by acquiring other businesses both in the legal or estate agency field or merging with them.  At the same time innovative computer case management systems were being developed by Caesar & Howie and these were recognised as ‘cutting edge” when the firm won the prestigious TSB “Business of Law “award.  Computer developments have continued apace within the group which now operates a series of highly sophisticated programmes over an integrated wide area network.   This allows the group to take a flexible approach to employment and a percentage of our staff are “homeworkers”. At present the group has 16 offices and 30 other outlets used for display and distribution of property schedules and other marketing materials throughout the UK.

Winners of Law Awards of Scotland 2008 in association with Registers of Scotland
Up and Coming Firm of the Year & Conveyancing Firm of the Year 2008

(Past Winners: Lloyds TSB - Business of Law Award)

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